Bus Service Drivers Blow the Whistle On SMRT

The Online Citizen, 21 May 2012
With regards to the various reports by the local newspapers, a group of bus drivers from SMRT Bus Service would like to point out that in actual fact, there is no salary increase for a large group of bus drivers.
The salary adjustment given by SMRT Bus Service is different from that given by SBS Transit. In the case of SBS Transit, they have really given a monetary addition to the salary of all its bus drivers without any withdrawal of variable allowances/incentives or working duration.
However, this is not the case with SMRT Bus Service.
Main Change by SMRT Bus Service:
For a Singaporean bus driver, the salary adjustment is $225 per month.
For a SPR/Malaysian bus driver, the salary adjustment is $100 per month.
However a crucial point to note is that all bus drivers now have to work a 6-days week instead of a 5-days week. Full story

Pay go up, but so do working hours - inSing.com
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