Ex-SMRT PRC drivers allege being slapped and punched by Singapore police

Yahoo! News Singapore, 30 Jan 2013

Speaking in taped interviews to documentary filmmaker Lynn Lee on 9 January, 32-year-old He, who faces two charges for engaging in a conspiracy to incite an illegal strike, said he was punched in the stomach by a police officer during his interrogation.
“They locked me in a small room,” he says in Mandarin in the video clip, which Lee uploaded to video platform Vimeo on Monday evening. “At the time, a police officer handcuffed me, and after that he punched me in the stomach.”
In a separate interview, 33-year-old Liu Xiangying was recorded saying that a police officer had threatened to bury him alive, where “no one will be able to find (him)”. According to He and Liu himself, the latter was slapped many times by his interrogators. Full story

He Jun Ling from Lianain Films on Vimeo.

Liu Xiang Ying from Lianain Films on Vimeo.

Ex-SMRT drivers claim they were threatened, assaulted by police - inSing.com
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